Royal Cornwall Show 7, 8 & 9 June 2012

Record attempt diving into milkEntertainment all the way!

Splash! Into milk.

Prof. Splash is coming to the show all the way from the United States of America. And he will be hoping to set up a new world record for diving 30ft into just 12-inches’ depth of … MILK!

He’s here at the invitation of Trewithen Dairy and will be helping to launch their new branding.

Stunts on QuadsBikes and Quads

The Adrenaline Tour is “an awesome quad and motorcycle stunt show” which will thrill audiences twice daily.

The show includes everything from motorbike stunts with wheelies and ‘stoppies’ to quad riding with hair-raising freestyle jumps 30ft in the air.

You can also visit the Adrenaline Tour display stand after the show to meet the main man – Jason Smyth – and the team.

Queen’s Jubilee

Her Majesty the Queen’s 60th Jubilee will be celebrated in style at the Royal Cornwall Show. There will be competitions, displays and a great party atmosphere.



Falcons drop into the Cornwall show groundSky-high thrills

Back again, for three days, the magnificent RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team.

They can’t be matched for skill, bravery and showmanship.

It’s a show-stopping moment when everyone looks upwards to see the tiny figures plunge out of their aeroplane into thin air. With unerring accuracy they hit their target in the main ring, having given us a magnificent display on their way down.

Polo from the Royal Cornwall Show teamAnn’s Cottage Polo @ the RCS

A three-day polo spectacular in the main ring will bring some of the UK’s top international players and ponies to Cornwall.

Southwest Polo.

Each day, two teams will compete for first-ever Royal Cornwall Show trophy. There will be one match each day, comprising four chukkas each lasting around five minutes.Polo is a fast sport, full of drama. The horses are fit and agile and can turn on a sixpence. Their riders are expert in steering a ton of horse around the pitch, whilst keeping their eye on the ball.

Great choice for young visitors

It’s half term week and if you are bringing youngsters to the show, there’s a fantastic choice of things for them to see and enjoy. You’ll find attractions in every corner of the showground. Here are some ideas for starters.


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Big band Saturday

The Band of the Royal Corps of Signals is permanently based in Blandford Forum, Dorset. It is a versatile musical force, with a huge array of talent, putting it up there with the best, world-wide.

And the band will be performing at the show on Saturday, 9th of June.

Horsemen ride back

It’s their third time at the show.

The Devil’s Horsemen provide a spectacular demonstration of horsemanship.

Not only that, they do it in style!

They will appear twice each day, with their Cossack Show and their Jousting Show.

The expertise of these riders is to be seen to be believed. And their skill is second to none. Not forgetting the horses! They have great fun charging round the ring, but they too have to be brave and very responsive.

We’re in Jubilee mood!