Educational days out Eden 2018

Visit the Eden Project this half term and help them celebrate the launch of their major new exhibition. Invisible Worlds will reveal the world beyond your senses – too big, too small, too fast, too slow, too far away in space and time.


Discover the amazing interactive exhibits, extraordinary artworks, hands-on experiments and exciting events which bring invisible into view, uncovering the interconnectedness of life and the Earth’s environments at every scale.


As well as permanent features of the exhibition, they’ve put together a packed line-up of special guests and extraordinary events for launch week, with something for ages.


Get ready for awesome activities and a measure of mayhem from Ministry of Science. Discover the invisible world of microbes with Sciencedipity. Join the Eden Storytellers as they introduce you to some very special microbial friends and tell some incredible tales about these microscopic monsters.


Help out with some real-life experiments as Eden’s own scientists explore some of the secrets of the Invisible World with a rolling programme of talks and showcase workshops. There will also be special performances throughout the week from the Mutant Circus, Gestalt Arts ‘Unsung Heroes of the Planet’ Fungal Opera and Marty Jopson’s Invisible Worlds Live Microscopy show.


All these special events are included in the admission to Eden. To find out more, and to book advance tickets online visit