Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow dogs?

Yes, we are a dog friendly campsite and are happy for you to bring your pet on holiday with you. We do ask that dogs are kept on leads at all times on the campsite.

Is there WiFi on site?

We have WiFi across our park, enabling you to stay connected when you are away. For more information about WiFi click here.

What time can we check in when we arrive?

Check in is from 12 noon. If you can’t get to us before 5pm we ask that you inform us as the reception may be closed, the latest you can book onto your pitch is 9pm.

How do I pay and what do I need to do at check-in?

When you arrive on site you will need to come into reception and check-in. Please bring:

  • A copy of your confirmation, this can be printed or electronic
  • We will need your vehicle registration
  • Payment of your balance, in full. This can be payed by credit or debit card or in cash (please note we do not accept American Express or some Maestro cards)
What is the departure time?

We ask that you leave the site before 11am on the day of your departure.

I have a tent bigger that 7m x 5m, can you accommodate this?

No, Sorry. The maximum tent size that we accommodate is 7m x 5m. This ensures space around the tent and room for the car.

Do you allow BBQ’s?

Yes we allow BBQ’s, we just ask they are kept up off the ground to stop the grass from being burnt. Please read this carbon monoxide safety advice if you are planning to use a BBQ, cooker or heater whilst camping Click Here

How far away is the closest beach?

By foot, the closest beach is Hawkers Cove and is about 2 miles away. By car Trevone and Harlyn are the closest being 2 to 3 miles away. Harlyn is a very popular sandy beach, great for families, swimming, surfing and sun bathing.

How do you get to the Camel Trail?

The only way to get to the Camel Trail by bike is along the road into Padstow. The Camel Trail itself is a beautiful stretch of disused railway that follows the path of the Camel Estuary to Wadebridge, then goes on to Bodmin and beyond. Bikes can be hired from Padstow Cycle Hire, at the start of the trail.

Can I use Electricity in my tent?

If you book a tent onto a Small Electric Pitch, Grass Electric Pitch or Hard Standing Electric Pitch you have electricity included in the pitch fee. To use electricity in your tent you will require a campsite mobile mains supply. This connects to our bollards with the standard round campsite plug, with at least a 10m cable running into a sealed unit. This has RCD protection to make it safe to use the electricity inside your tent. This unit then has one or more standard household 3 pin plug sockets, which you can plug your appliances into. Our electricity supply is 10 amps, which gives your around 2kW (2000 watts) of power at any one time. It is important to check to power consumption of your appliances as some items including fast boil kettles can be over this on their own, causing the electricity supply to trip off.

Can I Hire Mobile Mains Power Supply?

It is possible to hire out a mobile mains power supply, we charge £2 per night, and require a £30 cash deposit when you hire out the unit, which is returned in full when you return the unit in the same condition it was given to you. We would always advise booking this before your stay with us to ensure we have one available to you.

Please click here to contact us if you have any further questions