Carbon Monoxide Warning

Say No to CO: Carbon Monoxide Kills - Keep it out of your tent

There have been a shocking number of deaths due to the lack of awareness about carbon monoxide when camping.

A large majority of these deaths have been children, leaving parents and families devastated after what should have been an enjoyable camping trip.

Fortunately there is a general awareness of Carbon Monoxide with gas appliances, but little known about BBQs, with many deaths caused by disposable BBQs being brought into tents and camping pods.

Even leaving a BBQ in the porch of your tent, hours after use, could cause Carbon Monoxide poisoning as they continue to give off the harmful gas that can fall and hug the floor where people are sleeping.

Remember you can’t see Carbon Monoxide, you cannot smell Carbon Monoxide, and you cannot taste Carbon Monoxide.

Good Advice

There has been some good advice published by the Camping and Caravanning Club:

Never take a barbecue into a tent, awning, caravan or motorhome.
Never use a fuel-burning appliance to heat your tent or awning.
Never run a gas, petrol, or diesel powered generator inside a tent or awning.
Don’t cook inside your tent or awning.
Don’t use any other gas, charcoal or liquid fuel appliances inside a tent or awning.
Don’t rely on a carbon monoxide (CO) detector to keep you safe in a tent or awning.