Top 10 Tips for Camping in Cornwall

Are you something of a camping novice but keen to give it a go?

Your first family camping trip can be a daunting experience – where to go, where to stay…and what to pack?

There are an abundance of campsites in Cornwall but you want to make sure you choose the right one.

Camping in Cornwall is a fantastic experience – surrounded by stunning scenery and unrivaled coastal beauty and close to some of the most idyllic destinations in the UK.

But when searching for Cornwall campsites it is important to choose one that is not only in the right location but also has all the facilities you need.

At Padstow Touring Park we combine first class amenities with that picture postcard location.

And to help those first-timers along the way, we’ve put together a list of top ten tips for your Cornwall camping trip to help you have an even more enjoyable stay.

1. Choose the right campsite

It is important to select the right venue for your first camping trip which has all the facilities and amenities you and your family require. Padstow Touring Park is one of the top campsites in Cornwall and is graded 5 pennant with the AA, 5 star by Enjoy England and a listed member of the Caravan and Camping Club

2. Choose the right tent

You generally get what you pay for so, if you’re planning a long trip away, make sure it has enough space for all your needs. But, bigger isn’t always better, so go for a good quality tent, not the biggest one you can afford!

3. Practice putting up and packing away your tent

Don’t leave it until the first night of your arrival in the dark. Practice ahead of your trip in the back garden.

4. Plan for all weather

Caravanning and camping in Cornwall is a fantastic experience – come rain or shine – but it’s always more fun when the sun is beaming down. Don’t get caught out without the correct clothing either.

5. Don’t forget your camp bed or sleeping bag!

Sounds silly but more people than you might think forget to pack these essentials. Camping in Cornwall is likely to be a milder experience than in the highlands of Scotland but you’ll still need your sleeping bag…

6. Make your first night’s stay easy

Don’t try and set up the stove and cook a meal for six people. Bring something easy that you or your family can eat once you’ve arrived. Better still, pick up some takeaway en-route. There’s enough to do on your first night without cooking a meal as well. See our page on ideas for Eating out in Padstow and Cornwall which has great ideas for eating out, you can also get Chinese delivered to you onsite.

7. Bring a cool box with you

Milk and other dairy products won’t last long in the Cornish sunshine, so pack a cool box and ice packs to keep your fluids, milk and dairy fresh.

8. Make a list of places you want to visit before you arrive

If you plan ahead and make a list of all the things you want to see and do then you don’t run the risk of the kids being bored should the heavens open. See our page on things to do in Cornwall which has some great ideas for days out!

9. Why not go out of season?

Many campsites in Cornwall – including our site – are open all year round. Avoid the crowds and save money by going out of school holidays.

Don’t take it too seriously!

There’s bound to be one or two issues on your first trip but it all adds to the experience! Our helpful and friendly staff are on hand to advise and assist when needed.

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